Monday, July 18, 2011


Yup, I've been M.I.A....a "Mama In Action". I love to write. I love to share. I believe in my heart it's why the Lord chose to bless us with a semi-complicated family. Many are hesitant to share and open up and there's nothing wrong in that...especially when looking at what a roller coaster life the family living with special needs can be. It's also why I've been absent from my blog.

I've missed writing - well, the actual opportunity to write. I'm always mind never stops! But we've had a crazy few months. We welcomed babe # 5, and not without complication. We planned too move. We canceled that move. We dove head first into summer with travel and everything else that summer brings with it. My hubby has a new commute. The list could go on and on.

All that said, I've got lots to share. A few have asked when I plan to write regularly again. I'm working on it. The jump from 4 too 5 kiddos was big...HUGE to be completely honest. But we're breathing again and it feels good. The past months have not been without new adventures. Couple new adventures with old and let's just say life is never boring! Ever.

I have much to share and as I reflect on all that's surrounded us these past months - both the heartwarming and the heartbreaking - I know this - God is faithful. His existence in my life and life of my family is more obvious than ever. I've talked with Him, I've argued with Him and I've gotten even closer to Him. My heart is smiling and I'm ready to write.